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GPS Precise Analysis Software GpsTools: Libraries

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Command/Library Help

Type the following command in MATLAB command window to refer the help of each command/library including function, input/output arguments, usages.
>> help <command>

Command/Library Function List

Function Type Description
gpstools(m)main menu
gpsfiles(m)file manipulation tool
ggpsest(m)parameter estimator/obs data editor gui
gpsestd(m)parameter estimator
gpsdown(m)data/products downloader
plotobs(m)plot observation data
plotpos(m)plot receiver positions
ploteph(m)plot satellite orbits
plotclk(m)plot satellite/receiver clocks
plottrop(m)plot tropospheric parameters
plotbcp(m)plot phase biases
plotgpv(m)plot gpv data
plotion(m)plot ionospheric parameters
plotleo(m)plot leo satellite orbits
plotstats(m)plot residuals
plotmp(m)plot multipath profile
plotpmap(m)plot pwv parameters
gpstrack(m)plot satellite ground tracks and receiver positions
genblq(m)generate ocean loading parameters
geneph(m)interpolate and generate satellite ephemerides
pwvgps(m)generate gps pwv
pwvzonde(m)generate zonde pwv
ephtosp3(m)covert estimation results to sp3
readobs(m)read observation data
readnav(m)read navigation messages
readeph(m)read satellite ephemerides
readclk(m)read satellite/receiver clocks
readpos(m)read receiver positions
readtrop(m)read tropospheric parameters
readerp(m)read earth rotation parameters
readstats(m)read residuals
readest(m)read estimation results
readpcv(m)read satellite/receiver antenna parameters
readmet(m)read meteorological parameters
readgpv(m)read gpv data
readdcb(m)read dcb data
readrcv(m)read station information
readoload(m)read ocean loading parameters
readsp3(mex)read sp3 ephemeris/clock file
readrinexobs(mex)read rinex obs file
readrinexnav(mex)read rinex nav file
readrinexclk(mex)read rinex clk file
readsinexpos(m)read sinex pos file
readionex(m)read ionex file
readgsipos(m)read GSI position estimation file
readantex(m)read antex antenna parameter file
readgrib(mex)read grib gpv data file
readgrace1b(m)read GRACE Level UBE data file
readchorb(m)read CHORB CHAMP orbit file
satrange(mex)range of satellite-receiver
satazel(mex)satellite direction from station
isrange(mex)range of inter-satellite
navtostate(mex)sat position/velocity from navigation messages
pointpos(mex)determine position and clock by point positioning
sunmoonpos(m)get solar/lunar positions
rcvapc(mex)receiver antenna offset correction
rcvmpc(mex)multipath bias corrections
satapc(mex)satellite antenna offset correction
relcorr(mex)relativistic effect correction
sitedisp(mex)station displacement correction
phwindup(mex)phase-windup correction
erpvar(m)erp variation correction
esthelmert(m)estimate helmert transformation parameters
interpeph(m)interpolate satellite ephemeris
bpfilt(m)bandpass filter
srfilt(m)sidereal filter
state_2body(mex)satellite orbit model by 2-body problem
state_kepler(mex)satellite orbit model by Keplar
state_geoj2(mex)satellite orbit model by J2 precession
state_precorbit(m)satellite orbit model by precise perturbation
state_satclock(mex)satellite clock model
trop_saast(mex)saastamoinen tropospheric model
trop_mhop(m)modified hopfield tropospheric model
mapf_cosz(m)cosz mapping function
mapf_nmf(mex)niell mapping function (NMF)
mapf_gmf(m)global mapping function (GMF)
ion_klob(mex)klobuchar ionosphere model
ion_tec(m)tec map ionosphere model
lambda(mex)LAMBDA/MLAMBDA integer least-square estimation
caltomjd(mex)calendar date/time to mjd
mjdtocal(mex)mjd to calendar date/time
ecsftoecef(mex)transform eci position to ecef
geodtoecef(mex)transform geodetic position to ecef
eceftogeod(mex)transform ecef position to geodetic
ecsftosatf(mex)transform eci to satellite orbit coord.
geomtogeoc(mex)geomagnetic to geocentric position
eletostate(mex)satellite orbit element to states
statetoele(mex)satellite state to orbit element
sphfunc(mex)spheric harmonic function
shadowfunc(mex)shadow function of satellite
helmert(m)helmert transformation
interplag(m)lagrange interpolation
gut(m)gui common libraries for gpstools
gmt(m)map common libraries for gpstools
ggt(m)graph common libraries for gpstools
* (m) : m-file, (mex) : C-MEX file

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