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GpsTools (GT): GPS/GNSS Precise Analysis Software



Version Date Full Package for Windows with source programs
0.6.3 2009/11/24 gt_0.6.3.zip (27.3MB)
0.6.4 2009/05/01 gt_0.6.4.zip (35.3MB)
Please refer the support information to get the latest patchs.


GpsTools (GT) is a precise analysis software package for GPS/GNSS data based on MATLAB. GT provides the functions of:
- Estimation of precise receiver positions by static PPP (precise point positioning)
- Estimation of precise receiver motion by kinematic PPP
- POD (precise orbit determination) of GPS satellites
- Estimation of precise clock-bias of GPS satellites
- POD of LEO (low earth orbit) satellites by kinematic PPP
- Estimation of tropospheric parameters as ZTD (zenith total delay) or PWV (precipitable water vapor)
- Precise time transfer between receivers by PPP
- Many graph plots for the estimation results or GPS/GNSS related data
- GUI for parameter settings and execution of analysis
- Analysis with dual-frequency GPS/GNSS carrier-phase and code measurements
- Extended Kalman Filter/Smoother for parameter estimation
- Embedded precise models, including GPS/GNSS measurements, atmospheric correction and satellite motion
- Support of many standard formats for GPS/GNSS data like RINEX, SP3, SINEX, IONEX, IERS, IGS, BLQ, ANTEX
- Common MATLAB libraries callable by user application programs


From ver.0.6.4, GT is distributed under GPLv3 license. (http://gplv3.fsf.org/)
The source programs of the following functions are not included in the program package. These are distributed only as binary programs.



OS : Windows XP, Windows Vista 32bit or 64bit
MATLAB: ver.7.3 (R2006b) or later versions, 32bit or 64bit (GT0.6.4)
MATLAB: ver.6.5.1 (R13SP1) - 7.3 (R2006b), 32bit (GT0.6.3)


Version Date Description
0.6.3 2006/07/23 New release
0.6.4 2009/05/01 See ver.0.6.4 release notes.

Copyright (C) 2004-2009, T.Takasu, All Rights Reserved