GPS L1アンテナ・受信機評価 - 解析ツール
GPS L1 Antenna/Receiver Evaluation - Analysis Tool
更新 2012/1/31

解析ツールパッケージ 2012/1/31 更新
Analysis Tool Package

ANTTOOL ver.2.1 : (2.5MB)
ANTTOOL ver.2.0 : (2.5MB)

ANTTOOL ver.1.3 : (2.5MB)

ANTTOOL ver.1.2 : (2.5MB)
ANTTOOL ver.1.1 : (2.5MB)
ANTTOOL ver.1.0 : (2.5MB)


ANTTOOL is an analysis tool for GPS antennas/receivers. ANTTOOL estimates GPS antenna parameters. The parameters include antenna phase center offsets, antenna phase center variations, carrier-phase multipath, code multipath, carrier to noise power density. Please input target antenna/receiver RINEX observation data, reference antenna/receiver RINEX observation data (dual-frequency) and RINEX navigation message file. The reference antenna must be placed in the vicinity of the target antenna.


Matlab 6 or higher version of Matlab. Tested on Windows version of Matlab 6.5.1 and 7.4 (R2007a)

インストール手順 INSTALL

Extract and copy the package to some directory and add the path to command paths in Matlab. Test it by following procedure.

>> cd <install_dir>/test
>> testant
>> antplot testant.out

ヘルプ HELP

Type in Matlab command window.

>> help antest
>> help antplot


ANTTOOL is licensed according to GPLv3. (

Copyright(c) 2007-2011 by T.Takasu, all rights reserved.


2008/06/04 ver.1.0 new release
2008/07/21 ver.1.1 fix bug on checking LLI flag to detect slips
add -slip option to detect slips by dual-freq phase jumps
2009/01/08 ver.1.2 fix bug on error stop in reading rinex obs data
fix bug on error stop in case of duplicated obs data
2009/01/14 ver.1.3 fix bug on single-freq receiver with -slip option
fix bug on deleting duplicated data
fix bug on error-stop to ploting result without data
2011/09/14 ver.2.0 support GLONASS, QZSS and L5
fix bug on reading more than 8 obs type in rinex
2012/01/31 ver.2.1 fix bug on slip detection
fix bug on running average filter for GLO, QZSS

解析結果スナップショット Snapshots of Analysis Results