GPS Precise Analysis Software GpsTools (GT): ver.0.6.4 Release Notes


System Requirements

(1) OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista, 32bit or 64bit
(2) MATLAB: v.7.3.0 (R2006b) or higher version, 32bit or 64bit

Install and Execution

(1) Extract package to an appropriate directory.
(2) Delete directory gt_<older_ver> from MATLAB search paths if exists.
(3) Add directory gt_0.6.4 of (1) to MATLAB search paths.
Type the following command in MATLAB command window and see the main menu.
>> gpstools
(5) Please refer the help file (gt_0.6.4/help/gpstools1.htm) to operate the main menu.


From the ver. 0.6.4, GT is distributed under GPLv3 License ( except for some MEX source programs.


Refer the web page ( for support information.

Changes (ver.0.6.3 -> ver.0.6.4)

(1) Supports MATLAB v.7.4 (R2007a) or higher versions.
(2) Supports MATLAB 64bit version for Windows.
(3) No longer supports MATLAB v.7.2 or lower versions.
(4) Supports high-rate analysis up to 100Hz (0.01s as Estimation Interval).
(5) Supports long continuous analysis session up to 1 year (24*366hr as Estimation Unit Time).
(6) Supports 'GPS32' and 'GPS33'-'GPS99' as Satellite for GPS PRN32 and other satellites.
(7) Supports 'IGS 30s', 'CODE 5s' and 'IGS/CODE 5s' options for Satellite Clock in Estimated/Fixed Parameters.
(8) Supports 'IGS05' and 'ITRF2005' options for Receiver Position of Estimated/Fixed Parameters.
(9) Adds 'Obs. Time Tolerance', 'Exclude Unhealthy Satellite' and 'Ionos Smoothing Window' settings to Observation Data Editor Settings.
(10) Adds 'Adjust Phase' and 'Adjust Code' options for Repair Steered Clock Jump of Observation Data Editor Settings.
(11) Adds 'No Tropos' option for Tropospheric A Priori Model of Estimation/Measurement Model.
(12) Adds 'VMF1' option for Tropospheric Mapping Function of Estimation/Measurement Model.
(13) Adds 'Sat Clock' and 'SatClk+Shapiro-Delay' options for Measurement Corrections-Relativistic Effects of Estimation/Measurement Model.
(14) Adds 'GPT' option for Meteorological Parameters' of Estimation/Measurement Model.
(15) Adds '%O' keyword-replacement for Data/Directory/Files settings and Clean Observation Data Directory.
(16) Adds 'Output Position' option dialog for Plot-Receiver Position to specify time format, position format etc. of output text file.
(17) Supports data download via a proxy server in Data/Products Downloader.
(18) Supports http for the data download protocol in Data/Products Downloader.
(19) Adds functions of trop_gpt, readvmfgrid, readvmf and mapf_vmf1 to common libraries.
(20) Updates dcbs_p1c1.m, prm_gpssrcs.m, rcvs_noncc.txt, rcvs_params.txt, rcvs_poss.txt, sats_params.txt files in gt_<ver>/data directory.
(21) Adds IGS03P33_RS99.snx, igs05.atx, IGS05.snx, ITRF2000_GPS.SSC.txt and ITRF2005_GPS.SSC.txt files to gt_<ver>/data directory.
(22) Updates utilities of teqc.exe, rnx2crx.exe, crx2rnx.exe and wget.exe in gt_<ver>/private directory.
(23) Incorporates patch of gt_0.6.3p1, gt_0.6.3p2, gt_0.6.3p3b, gt_0.6.3p4, gt_0.6.3p5, gt_0.6.3p6 and gt_0.6.3p7 to fix bugs in ver.0.6.3.
(24) Fix other many bugs in ver.0.6.3. For details, refer headline comments in each m-file.

Known Problems

(1) Output files can not be read by the older version GT on MATLAB v.6 or lower version because of mat-file compatibility issue.
(2) On MATLAB v.7.4, v.7.5 (R2007a, R2007b) 64bit with -nojvm option, input in edit boxes is not recognized unless return-key pushed.

Copyright (C) 2009, T.Takasu, All Rights Reserved