Research and Development of Precise Positioning Technology by Global Navigation Satellite System

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RTKLIB ver.2.4.2: An Open Source Program Package for GNSS Positioning
- Precise Positioning Theory and Analysis
- Precise Positioning of Mobile Receiver with Kinematic-GPS
- RTKLIB: An Open Source Program Package for GNSS Positioning
- Evaluation of GPS L1 Antenna/Receivers
- GPS Precise Analysis Software GpsTools (GT)
- Precise Orbit/Clock Determination of GPS Satellites
- Precise Positioning by GPS PPP
- Seismic Wave Observation with GPS High-Rate Preceise Point Positioning (HR-PPP)
- Estimation of Precipitable Water Vapor Map by GPS
- Precise Orbit Determination of LEO Satellite with GPS
- Meteorological Data Analysis Software MetTools
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Technical Consultant Tomoji Takasu